Monday, July 2, 2018

Products At Edmonton Fasteners Made In Canada!

Happy Canada Day (okay, it was yesterday but Canada should be celebrated everyday)! Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. is a Canadian company made for Canadians! We offer tens of thousands of products from brands all over, but did you know we have a selection of Canadian-made products? As Canadians, we understand the Canadian lifestyle first hand. We strive to make Canadians happy with long lasting, Canadian-proof, top quality products! The best part is, they're on sale for the month of July!

Check them out below:

Pioneer 6935 Hi-Viz Safety Tear-Away Mesh Back Vests are made in the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC. Stay visible on the job site in bright orange! Plus, the mesh back keeps you cool while working in the heat. Shop online all sizes by clicking here!

The Rolgear Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver comes with 15 tips (7 double-ended bits) neatly tucked away in the ergonomic, cushion comfort handle. Built with magnetic qualities, the bit changing process is quick and easy. The patented ratchet mechanism forward and backward motions offer silent ratcheting while the locked position in the center allows it to be used as a regular screwdriver. Made in Ashcroft, BC!

Gray Tools manufacturers a large variety of high quality tools. We have Erectors Pry Bars on sale right now. These pry bars are forged from premium alloy steel and are specialty heat-treated for extra durability! Made in Brampton, ON!

Another Gray Tools product we have on sale now is the 10 Piece Punch & Chisel Set! Comes with 3 chisels and 7 punches in different sizes, this set has everything you need! It's on sale too! Save $25 now at $75 a set! It's also made in Brampton, ON!

For our Canada Day month-long sale we've got a few Walter products on sale! The Walter Zinc 200 Cold Galvanizing Spray is top performance, quick drying, ASTM compliant, and provides a premium, long-lasting corrosion protection for ferrous metals...even if the surface gets scratched! 
It's made in Montreal, QC!

The Walter Zinc 100 Bright Galvanizing Spray is specifically designed for touch-up and repair of hot galvanized parts in compliance with ASTM Standards! It gives a bright metallic finish that matches the hot dipped look, is fast drying, and offers long-lasting corrosion protection. 
Made in Montreal, QC!

Finally, the Walter 53-X 002 OMNI Cleaner/Lubricant/Protector! This Canadian-made formula has no harsh fumes. is non-flammable, silicone-free, biodegradable, and many other positive features! Use it to dissolve light rust, loosen rust, eliminate squeaks, reduce friction, displace moisture, and more. Made in Montreal, QC!

The photo below looks a little questionable but trust us, it's a pile of  Floor Sweeping Compound! This oil based floor sweeping compound will keep dust down while you sweep for a better clean. Our 44lb box is on sale this month for just $14.95! The best part - it's made right here in Edmonton, AB!

Stay ready to fight flames with a fire extinguisher! We offer various sizes to suit your personal or professional needs. Keep a small 2.5 lb fire extinguisher with your camping gear or a 20 lb fire extinguisher on the job site! The fire extinguishers are rechargeable and have a waterproof stainless steel gauge. All sizes are on sale now just in time for summer!
Made in Scarborough, ON!

Grab some Canadian products proudly at awesome prices, eh!? Only at Edmonton Fasteners in-store and online all July long. But wait-- there's more: See the full flyer here! Enjoy your day and see you in our next blog post! Thanks for stopping by!

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