Thursday, June 7, 2018

14 Camping Necessities at Edmonton Fasteners!

Summer is finally here to stay! For those outdoorsy people, such as myself, Edmonton Fasteners carries many products ideal for camping or spending time at the trailer out at the lake or maybe down by the mountains. We want to make your camping supply shopping easier, so here is a list of suggestions we have to make your trip easier and more enjoyable!

1. Smokers

Forget bringing a portable barbeque! Have you seen the delicious masterpieces you can make on a Bradley Smoker? Check out these meatballs and jerky made by our smoker expert, Don! Set it up outside early on and let it cook while you enjoy your time with friends and family! Right now they're ON SALE at prices much lower than competition, check them out here!

2. Tick Removal Kit

A common outdoor pest is the tick. Ticks are tiny spider-like insects that burrow themselves onto our skin and feed on blood. While they are not known to cause serious health issues, they can cause infection or transfer Lyme disease. It's easy to remove them by taking tweezers and gently grasping it's head and mouth parts as close as possible to the skin and pulling it out. We offer a compact Tick Removal Kit that includes tweezers, magnifiers, alcohol wipes, gloves, and all you need in case of a tick attack!

3. Neck Cooling Ties

Some days get so hot there's a heat warning! Keep cool while enjoying the sun with a cooling tie wrapped around your neck. Just soak in water and it'll keep you cool for hours...once it warms up, put it in cold water again and it's back to cool! Click here to get cool!

4. Water Cooler

Don't leave the house without water! Stay hydrated by keeping water always at reach. Fill up a portable heavy duty water cooler to keep your water cold and refreshing all day. Edmonton Fasteners offers water coolers in 5 gallon and 1 gallon volumes, perfect for a large group or for a solo camping trip!

5. Insect Repellent

Mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other insects can be annoying and distracting! We offer insect repellent in spray and towelette forms, so you have a choice depending on how you prefer to apply it. This bug spray is heavy duty and for adults only. It also lasts a max of 6 hours. Click here to keep the bugs away!

6. Tarp

Want to keep your tent cleaner and dryer? Lay out one tarp as large as the surface area of your tent and peg it down into the ground so it can't blow away. Build your tent and peg it down directly on top of the tarp. Now you're tent won't be full of grass and dirt when you have to roll it back up! Also use the tarp as a roof that you attach to branches to stop rain from falling where you are sitting and sleeping. We offer tarps in four different sizes, see them all by clicking here!

7. Camping Propane

Enjoy using a portable barbecue? Make sure to stock up on cans of camping propane gas so you don't run out while you're grilling them steaks! Edmonton Fasteners offers Bernzomatic Propane Gas Cylinders that fit majority of portable appliances, like grills and lanterns. Get gassed up by clicking here!

8. 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher

Alberta tends to get dry during the summer, this can be extremely hazardous especially if you're having a camp fire and wind picks up speed. Keep your emergency supply kit ready with a compact 2.5 lb multi-purpose dry chemical portable fire extinguisher. They're heavy duty, fully rechargeable, and light enough to travel with! Keep fires extinguished by clicking here!

9. First Aid Kit

Things are bound to happen when you're having fun in nature! Don't let scrapes and bruises ruin your fun. Make sure to bring a handy First Aid Kit so ouchies can be treated on the spot. Edmonton Fasteners offers many models of first aid kits. From small to large, we'll have a kit for your level of accident-prone-ness! Check them all out by clicking here!

10. Garbage Bags

This product is a necessity, especially when you're away from civilization! Keep all your trash and litter in a secure, heavy duty trash bag. Heavy duty garbage bags are best because they're less likely to rip from getting caught on branches, disposable cutlery, and other "tear-able" objects. Shop garbage bags at EF here!

11. Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes water and soap isn't convenient out in the wilderness. You either don't have access to soap or you don't have access to water to get rid of the suds! Say no more. This is where hand sanitizer becomes a life saver! Keep it in the door of your truck, in your backpack, beside your sleeping bag, or any where convenient for you. Shop hand sanitizer by clicking here!

12. Lamp

Keep the fun going all through the night! This handy lamp can stand on it's own AND features a loop to hang it from a hook! Keep the party "lit" with this Probuilt hand lamp! Uses low energy LEDs to provide bright lighting without using too much energy. PLUS, it's rechargeable. Shop the Probuilt 712810 Lamp by clicking here!

13. Flashlight

Need lighting that's a little smaller and less bright? Edmonton Fasteners stocks flashlights perfect for when you need a late night bathroom break but don't want to attract too much attention! Our selection of flashlights varies in size and brightness. Find the best one for your camping trip by checking out our full selection here.

14. Heavy Duty Food Cooler

One last thing, and probably the MOST important: food storage. Keep your food cooled down for 24 hours in this Milwaukee heavy duty cooler. Keeps ice cold for an entire day without any leaking. Large enough to carry food/drinks for multiple people but still portable enough to bring on the back of your quad or canoe! They're brand new to Edmonton Fasteners, check em' out here!

Thanks for checking out our 13 Camping Necessities blog post! We stock tons more other products that help conquer the great outdoors. Check them all out on our online store or come on in and talk to one of our experts!

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