Tuesday, May 29, 2018

11 Reasons WD-40 Will Help You Live Your Best Life!

WD-40 doesn't just fix squeaky bicycle chains and door hinges, it's called the Multi-Use Product for a reason. It's one of the most versatile products in existence, while a lot of the uses are related to loosening and cleaning, the things WD-40 can clean are surprising, like cleaning stains off of clothes! We've found 11 of our favorite ways to use WD-40! Don't have any? We have it on sale now!

WD stands for Water Displacement, meaning it is used as a solvent or dissolves rust and prevents moisture from entering whatever surface it's sprayed on. It also frees stuck, frozen, or rusted mechanisms by loosening rust-to-metal bonds.

Let's get to it...

1. Protects Industrial Tools and Equipment From Corrosion and Rust
After you have cleaned your tools or equipment, spray WD-40 onto the metal parts of your equipment and use a rag to rub it all over and into any corners or crevasses to protect from rusting all over.

2. Polish Knives, Scissors, Pliers, and Cutters
Overtime, dirt, adhesive, rust, and other debris that effect the function of the cutting tool will build up with regularly use. Spray them with WD-40 and use a rag to rub away the unwanted residue. WD-40 also protects from corrosion, so polish them regularly to keep them smooth and corrosion resistant.

3. Helps Start Your Car on a Wet or Humid Day
Since WD-40 displaces water, spray it onto your spark-plug wires before starting your vehicle. The WD-40 will displace any water and keep the plugs moisture-free.

4. Loosens Rusted Fasteners
Clean off the rust with WD-40 and a brush, then use WD-40 penetrant spray to break the bonds between the fastener and what it's stuck inside.

5. Cleans Oil Off of Concrete
Spilled oil in your garage, driveway, or concrete warehouse floor? Left with ugly spill stains? Spray WD-40 on it liberally, let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse it off with water. That oil stain is good as gone.

6. Prevent Wooden Handles From Splintering
Keep your shovels, rakes, brooms, hammers, and any other wooden handled tool, free of splinters. Spray the handle with WD-40 and rub it into the wood with a rag. The WD-40 will help shield the wood from moisture and keep it smooth for its lifetime.

7. Minimize Dead Bugs on Your Vehicle's Grill
It's getting warmer out and that summer highway driving only results in hundreds of bugs splattered and stuck all over your grill. Not only does it look gross, scrubbing them off takes some work. Spray some WD-40 on your grill before taking your vehicle for a drive a most of the bugs will slide off or be very easy to wipe off when it comes time to washing your car.

8. Personal Hygiene (Yes, you read that right)
Work with a lot of grease, or equipment that is covered in grease, making your hands black with a mix of grease, grime, and dirt? Spray a light amount of WD-40 into your hands, rub your hands together as if washing your hands, then wash it off with some soap and water. The grease will easily come off and your hands will be just as clean with less effort.

9. Clean Tar Away
Drive your work vehicle through areas with lots of tar? Spray down the tar-stained surfaces with WD-40 and and the tar will come off effortlessly.

10. Waterproof Footwear in the Winter
Spray your winter shoes or boots with a coat of WD-40 on snowy days outside and it'll act as a barrier against moisture from seeping into your footwear and getting your socks and feet wet.

11. Clean Up Warehouse Building Floors
Have some floor space with high foot and wheel traffic that are covered in black scuffs? Mopping and normal soap and water just won't remove them? Spray scuff marks with WD-40 and wipe it away, the scuffs go and the clean floor stays.

Want to know what else WD-40 can do for you? Check out this list by WD-40 mentioning over 2000 ways to use it, click here! Right now at Edmonton Fasteners, WD-40 is on sale at unbeatably low prices! Shop WD-40 at a discount by clicking here!

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