Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Featured Product: Dewalt DCN890 20V Cordless Concrete Nailer

Dewalt produces impressive and contractor-grade performing cordless power tools, so we weren't surprised when we loved their recent product. Dewalt partnered with Powers Fastening and introduced a new 20V cordless concrete and steel nailer: the DCN890 (on sale for April 2018!).

It differentiates itself by removing the need for gas fuel and powder loads, thus, eliminating the costs to regularly replace these sources, as well as fumes and the need to store cartridges. Goodbye powder actuated and gas concrete nailers, hello more convenient, rechargeable batteries! Plus, if you already use 20V batteries on your other Dewalt power tools, it's extremely quick and easy to switch the battery from one tool to another.

Top 3 Quality Issues from Cheap Fasteners

Like anything, when price is the biggest deciding factor, and staying on budget is the purchaser's largest concern,some things, such as quality, get overlooked. When it comes to fasteners, sacrificing quality is a big no. In the long run, cheap fasteners will only jeopardize your project, your reputation, as well as affect your progress. You may even end up spending more by always having to replace defective and broken cheap fasteners. 

Why You Should Not Skip Out On Quality Fasteners

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