Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Buyer's Guide: Selecting the Proper Torque Wrench

Firstly, what is a torque wrench? A torque wrench is used to apply a specific torque accurately to a nut, bolt, or other fastener. It will typically have a gauge to indicate the amount of torque being applied. Torque wrenches are ideal for applications that require tight nuts and bolts without over-tightening. They're used mainly for automotive and industrial purposes. When it comes to choosing a torque wrench you must consider: the size you need and the style of wrench you want.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Difference Between Brushed & Brushless Motors

Brushed or brushless? Which one is better? You've probably noticed that tools with brushless DC motors are higher in price than brushed. Does that mean their performance is higher? Whether it's brushed or brushless, these motors are both rotating because of the same thing: magnets. Just like putting two same sides of a magnet together (N & N or S & S), they push away. This is the same force that keeps the motor shaft continuously rotating.

Milwaukee Car Cut Event!

Hey everyone! You may have seen our "viral" video where we cut a car in HALF with a Milwaukee 18V Reciprocating Sa...