Tuesday, February 6, 2018

6 Crucial Tips To Jobsite Safety!

Jobsite safety: it's a topic we get introduced to on the first day or week on the job, get the safety gear and education completed, and then move on. Sometimes, time goes by and where we were once careful, we start to become neglectful. We forget to put on safety glasses, proper footwear, a safety vest, or maybe even a harness. We start using old equipment for longer than we should and that can become a big safety issue. Here are a few tips for employers and workers to stay safe and out of danger's way at the jobsite:

1. Keep heavy loads SECURE. 

When transporting heavy or large loads, make sure they are strapped securely onto the truck. You can use rope or even more secure, a ratchet strap. Without being securely attached, the truck could hit an unexpected bump, pothole, or drive a little faster than recommended, causing the whole load to fall off, possibly falling on people or damaging property. 

2. Give people SPACE. 

When working on a jobsite, it's important to have enough space around you to accomplish your tasks safely. This means, when using dangerous equipment or tools, other people are not too close to you that you cannot use them confidently. If you feel like a worker is working or positioned too close to your area that you feel they might be in harm's way, let him or her know. It's not rude to tell someone to move, it's essentially saving them from a wound, injury, or even death. As an employer, give your workers enough space to do what they have to do safely.  

3. Ground conditions matter. 

Every season affects the ground differently and the condition of the ground affects everyone's safety. For example, in the winter the ground is icy or covered in snow. In this case, use ice melt and keep the ground clear of snow so that there is no slipping, sliding, and possible falls, especially while carrying something heavy. Boots without traction should have some form of traction added, click here to see attachable ice traction accessories. Vehicles and other heavy construction machinery should be used with extra caution on slippery ground.

In the spring or summer, after rain the ground might be very wet and mushy. If the ground is too soft and uneven, a ladder or table saw should not be used on it. Make sure the ground is providing stability for whatever you are doing. 

4. Get geared up. 

The human body is fragile and we only get one. Keep yours protected with eye glasses, a hard hat, knee pads, a safety vest, ear plugs or muffs, a respirator, etc. Physically being injured immediately is just one form of harm; being repeatedly exposed to fumes and harmful light rays can cause permanent damage and problems for your lungs and eyes overtime. Employers need to provide their employees with the necessary safety gear. 

5. Keep equipment and safety gear up to standards. 

Make sure equipment does not have any weak points (especially on a ladder), does not overheat, does not shut itself off seldomly, and is completely safe for workers to use. This responsibility lies both with the employer and the workers. If you are a worker and you are questioning your equipment or tools, or effectiveness of your safety gear, inform your employer so that it can be inspected, fixed, or replaced. 

6. Get rid of junk. 

Keep the jobsite clear of any unused equipment/tools and trash. If equipment/tools are not being used but are kept on the jobsite, possibly blocking up space for walking or working, move it somewhere that it can safely be stored until it's used again. Make sure all walkways, stairs, and work areas are free of trash. Keep garbage cans and recycling bins throughout the jobsite to keep the area clean and tidy. Immediately putting all scraps in a bin instead of letting it pile up will keep maintaining the jobsite easy.

Those are all of our tips. Thanks for stopping by our blog! If you have any questions, we here at Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. will gladly answer your questions and concerns. Feel free to email us at sales@edmfast.comor leave a comment below! Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Have a great day!

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