Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

Hey there! We hope this post finds you well. We're less than a week away from Christmas and just admit it, you've still got a ton of gift shopping to accomplish. Don't we all?! Thankfully, we've got something for everyone. Check out our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide below to find gifts for everyone on your list.

1) A High Quality Tool Belt

This OX Tools 4-Piece Framer's Rig is the perfect gift to give anyone from any trade. The storage space is huge, the leather quality is extra durable to last you years, and you also get two free accessories valued at $65! Help make a friend or family member's job easier by giving them the gift o this luxury tool belt. Find it here!

2) Keep 'Em Safe!

Know someone driving around an old beater this winter? Get him or her a booster cable to take on the go. It could be the difference between waiting out in the cold for assistance or taking matters into their own hands and boosting their vehicle right away! Find it here!

3) A Bosch Combo Tool Kit!
Spoil someone with this Bosch hammer drill and impact driver kit. Made with industrial quality and comes with a bag and charger. The impact driver has 1650 lbs of torque and up to 3200 BPM, making it the most powerful impact driver in its class. Find it here and on sale now!

4) Funny, Yet Functional

Give someone a laugh but also a pair of quality Watson gloves! Perfect for working, shoveling the snow, and protecting the hands. Made of split cowhide leather, and lined with foam to keep the hands warm in cold conditions. Find them here!
5) A Milwaukee Tool Kit
Have a Milwaukee tool fan in your life? This powerful Milwaukee 1/2" hammer drill/driver kit will be sure to please. Comes equipped with a protective case, 12V/18V charger, and battery. Industrial quality so it'll last them years and years to come. Find it here now!

 6) Lights! All The Lights!
Know a handyman or woman that is always working at any hour, light or dark?! Giving them the gift of light might be right up their alley. Find lights of all watts, shapes, and sizes to light up any size room. They'll love you for it and you can be assured they'll be working in a safer setting. Find them all by clicking here!

7) An Exciting Chainsaw!
Know someone that is lacking a chainsaw in their life? The Makita DCS5121REJ chainsaw might be the answer! One very unique feature is that it's environmentally friendly! The engine recycles unburned gas and also producers cleaner emissions. Talk about more reasons to want a chainsaw! Effortlessly cut down all the dead and unwanted wood around your property. Find it here!

8) The Gift of Warmth
Give a portable ceramic heater this Christmas! We all have that friend that is ALWAYS cold, no matter how warm it actually is. This heater is perfect because it fits under desks, on shelves, on tables, on the floor without creating much obstacle, in bedrooms, living rooms, the cabin, and endless places! Find it here!

9) Comfy Socks
Socks. The gift we all secretly LOVE receiving. Let's face it, you see those socks on Christmas and you think "oh." You slide on those brand new, perfectly fitted, not yet stretched out, cozy pair of socks and it's like foot heaven. Poor circulation or normal circulation, there's nothing like a good pair of compression socks to put a smile on someone's face (you'll see it after they put them on!). Find these here!

10) A Shop Vac!
Have a clean freak to shop for? An industrial Shop Vac wet/dry vacuum might be on their wish list. These vacuums are a must because they can be used inside AND outside. Spilled a bucket of water on your concrete garage floor and need it cleaned up? No problem, these can suck up that water like dirt on carpet. Find all the different Shop Vacs we carry here!

11) Something For The Kids!
Build a snow fort with the kids! Surprise em with some kid-sized Garant shovels. Made of poly and super light for little ones to play with. PLUS, get them to help you clear the driveway. Find them here!

12) A Leaf Blower!
Last but not least, we recommend a Dewalt Backpack Blower. Blowers are more useful than just when the leaves fall, they can be used all year round. Blow powdery snow off your car or driveway before it hardens and save yourself some time this winter. The snow has melted and you notice you have tons of dirt, leaves, and other things that blew or fell onto your rooftop. Get up there and blow it away! Spilled a pile of lawn clippings on the driveway or sidewalk in the summer and it looks messy? Blow it away! The leaf blower is the multi-seasonal multi-tool many people don't know about! Find it right here!

Thanks for stopping by our blog this week and we hope we helped you find gifts for your loved ones. Remember to stop by Edmonton Fasteners & Tools Ltd. online or in-store and grab a power tool. They're on sale until the end of December!

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