Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The BEST Tool Belt! (For Any Trade)

The right tool belt can highly enhance your work experience in whatever trade. Whether you're: a framer, a carpenter, a builder, a roofer, a drywaller, installing siding, concrete, iron, or doing mechanical, electrical, or plumbing; a proper tool belt adds convenience and keeps your necessary tools at reach.

What To Look For

What most people look for is one that would, obviously, hold all of your tools. BUT, what if that tool belt only lasted one month? The kind tool belt you need should also include (no particular order):
  • Comfort and a proper fit (you should NOT be constantly be re-adjusting your belt) 
  • Storage Capacity (as mentioned, can you carry everything you need, plus a little more?)
  • Easy Access (can you easily grab tools without having to undo zippers, buckles, and buttons?)
  • High quality, durable, tear-resistant material
  • Expandability (can you add/remove/customize the belt attachments?)
  • Style (does it look sharp?) 
Of course, the priority of these six characteristics will differ between the occupation of the wearer. No matter what you do, a tool belt that can provide these qualities will make your day go from difficult to easier because you won't have to lug around as many items. Imagine working and having everything you need around your waist; never having to carry a bag or a toolbox filled with items that should be in your tool belt, and being as hands-free as possible.

Tip To Save Your Time

When it comes to tool belt shopping, bring in your current tool belt or, if you don't own one, your tools, and test them out in the tool belt before purchasing. You may also find what you're looking for faster by doing your research prior and look at photos of the belt you want and seeing if it has compartments and/or add-ons that fit your occupation.

The Best Belt Out There (Literally)

We've found the best tool belt out there. This tool belt matches in quality with a highly favored and high end tool belt competitor, Occidental Leather, but cuts the price in about half. Giving you quality, style, capacity, and more at an amazing price.

The pocket configuration of this tool belt is strategically convenient. Specialized pockets can be found for measuring tapes, a drill bit, fasteners, hammers, a crowbar, rafter, and internal pockets for small tools and pencils. There are TWO spots on this belt for you to place your hammer for you to have the best access for your tools no matter how you organize your belt. Pouches are also re-arrangeable on the belt for customizability.

It's been reviewed by customers as extremely durable, great quality, spacious, heavy-duty leather, comfortable, long-lasting, and much more on Amazon.com. Even better, we're one of the first locations in all of Canada to carry it. Even better, you get a free accessory and hammer with every tool belt. We hope you get a chance to get your hands on this baby!

Thank you for checking out our blog and we will see you in our next blog post!

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